About Us

Me (Dee)Hi, I’m known as Nanny McDee to my dogs I have always been a devoted dog lover, having had dogs and other pets most of my life. Previously I wasn’t

aware that I could arrange for someone to walk my dogs for me, this would have been very useful all the time I was an energetic sales woman and not able to offer my dogs as much time and care as they needed.

After leaving the world of sales and marketing to spend more time with my dogs, I was out dog walking in the Eastleigh area, when I met a dog walker from the Winchester area.

I was wowed by the number of dogs she was walking and their good behaviour. Immediately I was hooked on the idea for myself because I simply couldn’t think of a better way to spend my days than out walking a pack of happy dogs!

And so, with some advice and moral support, I set myself up in my local area. A decision I have never looked back on because I get to spend all day, every day with my dogs, enjoying all the wonderful walks through beautiful and varied countryside!

My company is based on the belief that customers’ needs are of the utmost importance & we are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of business is from repeat customers, referrals & people seeing me out and about with my dogs.

Jenny.2Jenny has been with Totally Mutz, dog walking since the beginning of 2013, In her words, “She has found the job very rewarding, and thoroughly enjoys being out there, with the dogs, walking with them and playing with them”. Jenny has been around dogs her whole life having grown up with two black labs (Delboy & Rodney, don’t you just love that) and she basically did all their walks. Jenny is very much animal orientated and when she is not out with the merry mutts, she is with her daughter or her horse.

Jenny has always been a very trustworthy, valued reliable member of staff and is a tremendous pack leader, and over the years has become a valued friend too, and will be for many, many years to come.


EmmaEmma joined Totally Mutz dog walking in Eastleigh at the beginning of 2016, she has been around various animals since a very young age, with family dogs and keeping horses. Emma started at Totally Mutz doing the dog/puppy visits and solo walks for bitches in heat or dogs generally needing solo walks.  Emma takes great joy in doing basic training on her solo walks, so they are ready when they join the packs. Emma has proved herself as a very competent dog walker, helping to bring various dogs into the packs, whilst also enjoying taking groups of dogs out on their walks.