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Ken Dalton-Harrison reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

6 June ·

This has been the first free moment I’ve had since coming back from hols.
Dee and her team are fantastic the dogs look happy , fit , and haven’t missed us at all. (Jed &Max).
My father in law was house sitting but slightly to elderly to walk the dogs. I was recommended Totally Mutz by a friend who uses the service on a daily basis. Worth every penny and will use them in the future.
Thank you once again, Ken & Jan.

Natalie Irwin reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

6 March ·

Can’t recommend Nanny McDee and her team enough – our dogs are totally knackered for the rest of the day after walks with Totally Mutz and our ‘problem’ dog is definitely getting better with other dogs when we are out & about! Dee is also very flexible- we don’t always need walks on the same day of the week and she always has time to fit our dogs in and is timely at replying.

Vicky Sobkowiak reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

11 February ·

Couldn’t recommend Dee enough, her connection with dogs is remarkable and she is definitely passionate about all dogs. My German Shepherd x Tia was quite dog aggressive but just one trip out with Dee and Tia changed. She was so calm and settled around Dee and her other dogs and would walk her in a pack without a muzzle like she was never dog aggressive. Tia and my other dog have passed now but I would definitely come to Dee again when we eventually get another dog.



Totally Mutz Awe they were both fabulous, never forget letting her off lead that 1st time, had to send you that video xx

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Cheryl Frampton reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

9 February ·

What can I say? We have used Totally Mutz for a number of years. Firstly with our late Bentley and now with our Bosun. We have found Dee to be very reliable and flexible, helping out at short notice and constantly updating us with any issues or problems she may be experiencing with our dog. I sometimes see first hand how excited our Bosun is on seeing her so we have no worries with him going with her for his walk. 1st class service from a very happy client


Lucy King reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

4 February ·

Nanny McDee is the best in the world our two boarder terriers loved going out with her and the pack. Puck and Mayzie could be very challenging at sometimes with me but with Dee she has this ora and they were the best. Highly recommend their Nanny McDee.


Claire Guberg reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

19 February ·

Dee has walked our Oscar for the last 3 years since he was a puppy. We are moving house soon and I am hoping to convince Dee to cover North Winchester. Oscar loves the team and we know he is in safe hands even when his hormones take over! Couldn’t ask for a more caring, reliable person to look after a precious member of the family.



Totally Mutz Can’t I just convince you to stay local, will be sad to see him go as he’s such a sweetie x

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Nicky Matthews reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

16 February ·

Dee has walked barney for over 8yrs and we couldn’t be happier. She and her team are great with dogs and very reliable. Can’t recommend them highly enough.



Totally Mutz Thank you, Barney is almost as old as Totally Mutz, been with us since the beginning, it has been amazing watching him grow and develop, I’ll never forget his 1st ever walk with me at 13wks old, when he stuck his head in my wellie then stood upright and it was on his head, he still continues to make me laugh with his characteristics x

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Kirsten Leigh Webb reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

19 January ·

Dee and her team are absolutely fantastic! Honey is a frantic ball of energy when she leaves and comes back tired and content. I wouldn’t trust her with anybody else. I’m even house hunting and making sure I don’t move out of Dee’s catchment area

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Rosanna Parker reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

7 March ·

The totally Mutz team are fantastic! They really care about our dog Chester and are flexible with bookings and walks. We have used them for 2 years and cant fault Dee and her team!!


Nicki Edmond reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

7 March ·

Dee & her team are amazing with the dogs & provide an efficient, reliable, flexible & value for money service.

I have used Totally Mutz for several years now & both my dogs love their walks



Ashley St John reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

4 February ·

Absolutely amazing! Buster loves his walks and day care so much! Don’t know where we’d be without Nanny McDee!!


Mich Andrews reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

7 March ·

Brilliant! So good with our Mya who can be very nervous but Dee has ways of making her calm! Xx


Allison Baker reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

4 February ·

Sadie loves her outings with totally Mutz she comes home shattered brilliant really pleased


Michelle Hopkins reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

4 February ·

Jess loves her visits and walks. Perfect someone I can trust her with.

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Totally Mutz Thank you, did you see the gorgeous pic I put of Jess on here in her coat as we got ready for our walk, she looked so cute x

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Debbie Pinchon reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

4 February ·

Teddy loves Dee and his walks. Dee offers a fantastic, professional and caring dog walking service. Thank you Dee.


Jason Ahmet reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

26 July 2013 ·

Mr milo has now been with dee and totally mutz for over a year now and it has been great. It has allowed him to socialise with other dogs and make new friends. I would fully recommend dee and the team at totally mutz.


Jennifer English reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

30 October 2015 ·

Harry has a great time with with Dee and her girls. I know Harry is safe and cared for.


Lauren Watson reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

22 October 2014 ·

Great friendly people, would highly recommend! My little fur baby has developed much better social skills with other dogs since going out with Totally Mutz and is always totally pooped after! Thank you


Sandi Cliff reviewed Totally Mutz.

15 June 2012 ·

Our little Jack started going for day care with Totally Mutz this week, & he LOVES it!
I’m SO happy, because he gets so well cared for by Dee, & he is not just happy, but totally shattered when he comes home in the evening too!
I couldn’t have found a better “nanny” for him if I’d searched for the rest of my life.
I feel so lucky to have found Totally mutz, & it’s a great weight off of my mind to know he’s being looked after so well while I’m at work too.
He even gets picke…


Jane Taylor reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

22 July 2015 ·

My two whippets Cuthbert and Gracie have been with Dee since puppies. They adore her x she’s fabulous with dogs x



Totally Mutz Awe they’re like my babies xxx

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Jane Taylor They sure are x x x

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Darryn Hewitt reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

7 July 2014 ·

The best dog care around!


Martin Livefortheweekend reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

5 September 2013 ·


Nikki Sibbons reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

30 August 2013 ·


Katie Prandle reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

30 August 2013 ·


Charlie Adams reviewed Totally Mutz – 5 star

20 July 2013 ·